Facility Management Services

Since 1919, Piper Management Group has been built around knowledge, integrity, and reliability. Piper Management Group provides clients with exceptional value by allowing them to focus on their core business while we focus on integrating customized solutions for their facility. Using the core values mentioned above, Piper Management Group focuses on seven key areas to ensure success of your facility. These seven key areas are:

Customized Facility Management Plan
Operations and Maintenance
Landscaping and Snow Removal
Staffing and Security
Energy Management
Tenant Management and Leasing
Experience the Piper Management advantage for your facility management needs.......
  • Experienced Facility Management
For over 90 years, the people of Michigan have come to value our knowledge, integrity and reliability in everything we do. We specialize in delivering proven expertise, innovative, integrated facility management, technology, and facility maintenance best practices that translate to bottom line savings, service, and reliability.
  • Cost Savings
From facility maintenance to staffing solutions, Piper Management’s facilities management expertise can help you manage your expenses while achieving sustainable costs savings and process efficiencies. For many companies, actively managing numerous facilities management categories can be very complex and challenging. And the increasing prices of the three core costs components: energy, labor (payroll costs, insurance, benefits, etc.) and supplies (cleaning supplies, products, parts/hardware for maintenance issues, etc…) make it harder to continue to do more with less money to spend.
  • Contract Staffing
With Piper Management’s expertise, we can assist you with reducing the headaches and time associated with employee related issues which in turn will create additional time for you to focus on your business and its bottom line. You are able to transfer complex HR, logistical and statutory compliance responsibilities to a provider who understands these issues and has developed processes to effectively mitigate risk.
  • Commitment to Safety
For Piper Management, creating a safe work environment is our first priority. We pride ourselves on building a strong, well defined safety culture and detailed management system for all that work on our facilities. Our commitment to safety drives our organizational goals, enhances efficiency and allows the retention of valued workers and companies.
  • Innovation
Piper Management Groups computer systems are state-of-the-art, from hardware to software such as Yardi to networks and email systems. This enables Piper and its facilities to efficiently provide real-time operational and financial reports that identify opportunities for continuous improvement.