Staffing and Security

Piper Management Group provides clients with all aspects of personnel management. With our years of experience, we have been able to implement systems to put the absolute best people in place to make sure our client’s facilities succeed. Outsourcing your human resource functions allows you to focus on business development and provides administrative relief from many employment responsibilities such as payroll preparation, income tax reporting, employee benefits and worker’s compensation.
  • Exceptional Human Resource Services
Whether it is HR Administration, benefits, payroll, risk management and safety, information technology or regulatory compliance, Piper has designed human resource systems to meet our client’s unique facility management needs.
  • Competitive Advantage on HR Costs
With hundreds of employees at different properties, we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates.  With the resources and expertise of our staff, we maximize personnel management while minimizing costs, such as worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment claims, and benefits administration, to enhance the bottom line of the property.
  • Security Services
Piper Management Group understands that when a company or facility is in need of security, they are looking for a company that allows them to continue their company’s day to day operation with limited interruption and the peace of mind to do the job in a professional manner, utilizing reliability, responsiveness, integrity and service. Piper will ensure that protection services will always be customized to ensure that every client’s daily objectives or events can be accomplished free from any potential security threats.