Risk Management

Piper Management Group firmly believes in managing risk to protect the value of your property. Our risk management department defines areas of risk for our company and our managed assets, and develops and maintains policies and procedures to minimize the negative financial impact those risks may pose.

  • Effective Management of Risk

Whether it be reviewing your property and liability policies, developing a loss control program, adding your property to our master insurance policy or implementing our risk management program at the property, we effectively manage the many exposures of risk at your property.

  • Competitive Advantage on Insurance Costs

By purchasing in excess of 200 million in property insurance each year, Piper Management Group is able to receive the most competitive rates in the industry. This enables Piper to offer greater coverage to our clients at a much more affordable rate thus benefiting the bottom line of your property.

  • Risk Management Education

Our risk management department offers safety and health education programs to all of our employees at our managed properties to effectively manage the many exposures. We believe that proper education can help minimize the negative impact of any loss.